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After a successful startup year, ChargeUK is moving to a permanent structure and invites qualified companies to join as Full and Associate Members for 2024


Who can join ChargeUK?

Complete our membership application form here, and learn more about membership here.

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Business activity definitions

Public CPO / Charge Point Operator​

An operator of publicly available EVCPs whose primary revenue source is electricity sales to non-specific EV drivers​


Pure play EV Charge point supplier​

Manufacturer and / or supplier of EVCPs and related software​


Charge Point service provider​

a provider of ancillary services (such as operations and maintenance) to owners and operators of EVCPs ​


EVCP Payment partner​

A provider of roaming, account or other payment related services to EV drivers allowing them to pay for EV charging other than directly to the relevant CPO​ 

Private CPO​

An operator of EVCPs whose primary revenue source is either the provision of an electric vehicle charging service or electricity sales to a specific group of EV drivers​


​EV Charge point supplier​

Multi-product OEM who have or intend to have a product line of EVCPs​


Charge Point installer​

a provider of installation services related to anyone wishing to have an EVCP installed​


Industry supporters​

those providing advisory and other services (whether legal, accounting, strategic or otherwise) to the EV charging industry in general and to Public CPOs in particular​

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